oatmeal and dog sitting

image1-2Why is it that that in the states it is seems so much harder to share Jesus. Physical need isn’t a thing around me. Every house has their grass cut at least once a week, and there aren’t any kids digging out of the trash at 7am for some food- like I found this one doing. It would be weird for me to invite an 11 year old kid into my house to fill his stomach cause I found him sucking off as much sugar cane as he could get- after it was thrown in the trash. It would be weird cause that would not happen. But it happened here. I love this moment and that morning. I also love serving when I don’t have to look for a need…when it comes to my doorstep. It’s harder to serve kids that might never come to my doorstep but live feet away. But they are just as much soul as this one, the need is just as real. You just can’t hear it digging out your trash. 

In Barahona God gives oatmeal to share in the name of Jesus. here God gives us platforms like friendship, sports, and dog sitting. Seemingly small things but powerful tools for sharing that Jesus is alive. I am so bad at this. It seems to take longer. It takes more words, patience, and discernment. There’s no quick and easy “stomach filling” and needs are met.

 But it is God who does the miracles. And He loves the faithful service of His children to those around them…

He is not slow to fulfill His promises as we count slowness but is faithful to us, not wishing that our neighbors see death but that they all see and turn in their need- to Jesus.

 God does the impossible every day. He gives to me in order that I can give- where the needs are closer than I ever think. I am going to a place where there will probably be a lot more of what you see sitting in the light (no accident). But I am currently living in a world where its a little more disguised- but just as real. So in the meantime i’ll be watching examples of my parents and brother live this out…. and asking God for the grace to do what I sure can’t; feed His lambs with that which satisfies. 

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