Story Time

Welcome to this site! I wish I could be a little person in this computer to extend a hand to meet you as you scroll through the contents of this strange place on the internet. That would be sweet. But I can’t do that so I’ll just tell you a little story.

As a young girl, a week never seemed to pass without hearing His name, without learning something about Him, without being told what He did, or what He is doing. She marveled at times, sometimes she shrugged. Sometimes she was so confused and asked herself if she really understood Him at all. It seemed like ever since she came out of the womb, this Man was front and center. Some years passed and the young girl started to ask herself if this Man was going to remain front and center- she had a choice. She walked a thin line, she lived for herself, approval, and comfort. But it seemed like He would never truly leave her side.

One night she was driving home from youth group. Another sermon, another story about this “incredible Man”. It didn’t mean much to her, it was all just the story of her life. Nothing new, nothing exciting. But this night, on the way home she felt something real. Something horrible. Something nauseating.

She went to her room and asked the Man to take away the heaviness, she knew enough about Him to know the feeling wasn’t from Him. She knew He had the power to take it away- so she asked Him to do that.

Next morning.

Nausea. Sadness. Hopelessness. It continued for 3 summer months. The girl had never felt depression, she never felt like she wanted to die, she never doubted the things she was brought up believing. She never doubted Him. But now- everything was up for grabs.

Or so she thought.

She fought, she battled, she tried to figure out the feeling. Her parents walked with her, they suffered watching their only daughter feel so hopeless. The girl thought she would try something new. She started asking questions about Him. Was He even real? Just as real and unseen as the oxygen she breathes? Was the Book He gave…credible? trustworthy? Worth reading?

She felt like she was learning something from the ground up- after the giants of depression and doubt tore down the world that she thought she knew. She started afresh. She felt need like never before- for her life, for her next breathe, for her smile. She wrote to Him who she did not yet fully trust. She asked if He was real, to rescue her, to show her, to take her back.

He spoke.

He said…

I am with you, always, to the end of the age.”

She heard him. She knew deep down, that all along He was with her, protecting her, teaching her. She knew that even though she couldn’t see Him, He was giving her breathe and life. Like the oxygen she breathed. She knew that He was watching her, fighting for her when she thought she was on her own. And that all along He was holding her still. She was never up for grabs.

He called to her

“Take up your cross and follow me”

She said

“There is nothing else to live for. I’ve tasted and seen what it is like to live with no hope, to live without You, King Jesus.

I don’t want that, I want to live for You.”

And He said

“Your tears are blessed, for in them, I comfort. I heal broken hearts, I bind up wounds. Its what I do. Enter into rest, come.”

She gave her hopes, trust, plans, and fears to her Maker that night. For the first time it seemed like she knew His name- Jesus Christ the Perfect Son of God. The Messiah who knew her pain from living on earth. Who never forgot, never overlooked, and never wronged. He died on a cross, experiencing what she felt in the darkest moments. And He paid her price in full. He died on the cross so that she could cry out to Him on that very night. Her account was cleared, she had no charge. Because of this Man. The charge was His name on her soul-“Not guilty- Christ paid”.

For the first time, she understood what His death meant. She accessed what His glorious rising from the dead gave her. 

She breathed in freedom, newness of life.

Jesus Christ became her story.

Jesus Christ became her song.

She trusted this meant everything.

She had faith that He was the all-encompassing, awe-filled, glorious Purpose of her life.

She breathed out fresh praise to her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Finally, same news. But for this girl, it will never be dull again.

I need Him every day- that’s the glory of living for the Father.

That is the glory of life itself. When you know your Provider and He meets every single need in and of Himself.

I know that in every season, every tear, every darkened tunnel, every time I feel like I’m falling,

He assures.

that though I might fall….

I shall not be cast headlong, for the LORD upholds my hand. Psalm 37:24

He is holding me, and He wants to hold you. Come and see Him.

Come to know Him

And He will be your story.

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